Joshua Lance is currently leading the following projects:

Lance CPA Group

Lance CPA Group is a certified public accounting firm built to help small business owners and entrepreneurs grow and manage their businesses. Consider us a stakeholder whose number one interest is helping you succeed – and making your life easier along the way.

We believe your small business is important business.

We exist to help your business thrive – regardless of its size and no matter what it takes.

We don’t feel like we’re doing our job unless your job is getting easier.

Headquartered in Chicago, we cater to a niche target audience: craft breweries and tech-centric startup companies located right here but also beyond our vibrant city. We’ve made it our business to get to know these types of businesses, pairing our expertise to meet their unique demands and to help ensure their financial well-being.

Lance CPA Group also runs The Startup Accountant and Chicago Beer CPA divisions.

Josh is the Managing Director of Lance CPA Group, a CPA firm he founded in 2013.

Northwestern University

Josh Lance is an adjunct faculty at Northwestern University teaching Startup Accounting and Finance, a required course in the Entrepreneurship Minor in the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship as well as Accounting for Engineers as part of the Masters of Engineering Management program in the McCormick School of Engineering.


Communale is an intentional membership community for entrepreneurial brewery owners designed to help brewery owners of the business side aspects of the breweries utilizing subject matter experts in branding, sales, marketing, accounting, finance, strategy, and operations that specialize in the craft brewing industry and for brewery owners to learn from each other.  Communale is launching in Spring 2018.  Josh is the Co-Founder and CEO of the organization.

Project Pizzarello

Project Pizzarello is a stealth tech startup in Chicago working on technology to help project managers provide transparency to their customers.  Project Pizzarello will launch officially in late 2018 and is currently in development and testing.